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Order an Eko taxi through the app to save time and money, and every Tuesday we offer a 20% discount on all transportation ordered through the app. The discount is valid for all city trips and has no amount limit. It is also valid for all forms of payment, including cash, cards, and cards registered in the application.

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A new Eko taxi application

Ordering a taxi has never been easier and faster!


New design and better functionality

A new, modern and practical design enables ordering a ride in a few touches of a finger. The closest free taxi arrives at the address in a few minutes, and you can track it on a map.


Option of the vehicle selection

You have a lot of luggage or you are in need for transporting a larger package? Do not worry, select station wagon.

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Pay with cash, card or deposited card in the App and get discounts. It is possible to deposit more credit cards of the same type in one account.


Evaluate your ride and driver

By evaluating you may express how satisfied you were with ride.


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EKO Services

Baby seats for the youngest

The safety of our youngest passengers is extremly important to us, therefore we provide child seats of the highest quality. Rental of the child seat is available with a special notice, at least one hour before the taxi is needed.

EKO Services

Chauffeur and taxi service of city and intercity transportation of passengers.

Fast, safe, and comfortable transfers of passengers and goods.

EKO Services

Transportation for you and your pet

Give your pets a transfer of their dreams! All you need to do is order a special vehicle one hour prior to your trip, and both of you can relax and enjoy the ride.

EKO Services

Transport for customers with frequent need for transportation.

It is possible to arrange a non-stop service for customers who have a constant need for transportation.

Van transport

ShuttleFly powered by Eko taxi


powered by Eko taxi


1414 ili 060 7777

Van transport


If you are interested in advertising on Ekotaxi vehicles, please contact us by mail

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Find answers to frequently asked questions or contact us via contact form

What cards can I register in the App?

The App enables payments with American Express, Diners, Visa and Mastercard. Maestro debit card is not possible to register. Usage of token is mandatory to register Mastercard.

What is estimated transfer price in the App?

Estimated price shown in the App represents the price calculated according to the valid price list published on the WEB page of the Service provider. It is calculated by using distance and average time of travel parameters. Actual price can vary depending on traffic conditions and in accordance with that the price will be calculated according to the price list published on the WEB page of the Service provider.

Where can I find telephone numbers and price lists of services?

You can find all the information on a link by choosing the city you are interested in: https://ekotaxi.hr/cities

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