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No journey is long enough when you are in a good company!


Eko taxi and mastercard© are in love!

A deal where every ride is 20% cheaper, and even 70% on Tuesdays, through Eko taxi app

Every tuesday Eko Taxi and Mastercard give you up to 70% discount on Mastercard payments through Eko Taxi app! Download the application today and register your card!

All other days, enjoy a 20% discount on payment through the app or by contactless Mastercard or Maestro card.

The city has never been smaller and friends closer.

We are here for you

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Eko taxi application

Easier and cheaper taxi rides, with automatic credit card payment!


Simple design and functionality

Application simple design and functionality allows you to order taxi for free without additional phone call charge.


Free taxi orders without additional phone call charge

By using your GPS location, the application looks for the nearest vehicle that can be tracked on the map as it comes to the requested address in real time.

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Automatic payment

You do not need to have cash with you! Just register your card securely inside the app and make payments automatically right after your ride. Still, should you decide to do so you can make a payment by cash at any time.


Evaluate your driver

By evaluating your driver you may express how satisfied you were with the ride.


Are you interested in what we do?

EKO Services

City and intercity transportation of passengers and goods

Fast, safe, and comfortable passengers and goods transfer across entire Croatia

EKO Services

Transportation for you and your pet

Give your pets a transfer of their dreams! All you need to do is order a special vehicle one hour prior to your trip, and both of you can relax and enjoy the ride.

EKO Services

Transport for customers with frequent need for transportation.

It is possible to arrange a non-stop service for customers who have a constant need for transportation.

EKO Services

Baby seats for the youngest

The safety of our youngest passengers is extremly important to us, therefore we provide child seats of the highest quality. Transportation of child in a car seat is available with a special notice, at least one hour before the taxi is needed.


If you are interested in advertising on Ekotaxi vehicles, please contact us by mail

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